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Every state has different home study requirements. Whether you choose to adopt domestically or internationally, a home study is required for everyone going through the process of adoption. The home study is important because it helps the adoption agency, attorneys, court, the state, and foreign countries learn about your family and assess your home to ensure the child’s safety. Adoption Covenant is a licensed adoption agency in the state of Texas and we provide home study services statewide. Because we are licensed, we must follow the Minimum Standards and Guidelines for Child-Placing Agencies in Texas.

You may be asking, "What is a home study?"
Well, a home study is basically an autobiography of your life. The interview is done in your home by a licensed social worker, and all family members that reside in your home must be present. A lot of information is gathered during this process including the family background of both prospective adoptive parents. Here are a few other examples of what is included:

  • Criminal history report

  • Your age and the age of your spouse

  • Significant relationships

  • Information regarding residence and citizenship

  • Motivation or reason for wanting to adopt

  • Health information and disabilities

  • Length and quality of the marriage relationship

  • Memories from your childhood and parents

  • Religious beliefs

  • Theory of discipline

  • Understanding and emotions toward the birth mother

  • Financial ability to provide for the basic needs of the child

  • Three to four reference letters, including letters from professionals and family friends regarding aspects of your personality and character

The homestudy process can be overwhelming and time consuming. However, Adoption Covenant can make it easier and faster. We have social workers all over the state and we will expedite your homestudy whether you are adopting with Adoption Covenant or another agency. We provide homestudies throughout the State of Texas. Often we can complete your homestudy within two to three weeks after you have submitted all of your paperwork. We will even help you determine where to obtain vital records. Our fees are competitive with those of agencies which may be located closer to you.

We understand that every day of delay is a day that a precious child is separated from his or her new family. You can download the home study packet here.

For more information regarding the process or to schedule an appointment for a domestic or international home study, please contact us at 806-741-0268.


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